Online Personal Training and Live Classes

Group Class Workouts, 1 on 1 Personal Training, At-Home Workouts, Pilates & Live Streamed Classes all available at MVFIT.


Setting you up with access to our programs

The first step is getting you set up with an account and adding in our programs for you. All MVFit Group Members and Personal Training Clients can get access to our daily online workouts.

  • Live Streaming Group Classes
  • At-Home Body Weight Workouts
  • At-Home Pilates Workouts
  • Online Personal Training
  • MVFit Online App with Daily Workouts
  • Print Workouts and View Exercise Videos
  • In-app Messaging
  • Video Recordings of Workouts to Follow

View the Exercise

You can view video examples and written descriptions of every exercise we have in each workout.

Built-In Timer / Intervals

Interval workouts have a built-in timer, rest periods, and voice-over audio so all you need to follow along.

No Equipment Necessary

We will have workout options that do use equipment, but will also have body weight alternatives for you so you can do it anywhere.

Live Streamed Workouts


Daily Live Streamed Workouts that you can easily join in anywhere and all you need is your laptop or phone to follow along.


Missed the Live Streamed Class? Not a problem at all. All workouts will be made available as a recording so you can join in the workout at a time that suits you.

Follow Along using the mvfit online app

If you want to complete the workout by yourself you can select it in the MVFit Online App, select the equipment you have access to and start the workout that's right for you. Choose from Studio / Dumbbell or Body Weight Workout and start training.

online & IN-Home 1 on 1 training & Consultations

Want to have a 1 on 1 consultation or in-home training with one of our trainers. We can set you up with a live video consult or arraneg the trainer to come to you with all the exercise equipment you need for your workout.

why we dID it

Access For All Members

Nothing could prepare us (any of us) for the Coronavirus outbreak.

In a time when it is paramount that our bodies are at their fittest and healthiest so that we can fight off any infections, myself and my MVFit team are going to make sure we do absolutely everything we can to guide & support you all both physically and mentally.

We are currently working on alternative arrangements to keep you all fit, motivated and healthy during this tough time and access to online training alternatives can help support you.

Online Training Alternatives?

We know MVFit is not just a gym to many of you but a community. Although we don’t want to have to shut the doors, we are committed to operating in the best interests of our members and staff at all times. Should we be directed by the government of changes going forward we will notify everyone via social media and also within the studio.

A few of the alternative options we are looking into if we are forced to close the gym:
▪️ Our Online Personal Training App
▪️ Outdoor Training Session
▪️ MVFIT exclusive members only Training, Nutrition & Support Group
▪️ In-Home / Mobile Training
▪️ Allowing Members to Lease / Borrow equipment for home workouts

Stay safe, stay well and continue to support and look after one another.

Telehealth Exercise


​Check Out The Workouts

​With access to Live Streaming Classes, At Home Workouts, Pilates & your own app and built-in timer we want to help all our members with workouts and training programs you can do anywhere.

With all the uncertainty and challenges presented by the spread of COVID-19, we know many of our members may be feeling overwhelmed and anxious — which is why now is the best time to be ​keeping fit and healthy and having our coaches here to support you!

All the exercise videos and demonstrations can be viewed online as well as our live-streaming classes to follow along with at home.​


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